Archaeological Technicians & Supervisors: Davis MacIntyre & Assoc. Ltd.


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Position: Archaeological Technicians & Supervisors - Yarmouth County

Employer: Davis Macintyre & Associates Ltd.


Job Description:

Archaeological Technicians & Supervisors: Davis MacIntyre & Assoc. Ltd.

Summer 2020: Archaeological Technicians & Supervisors Need a Cover Letter and/or a Resume to Apply for this Job?  We can Help! Email: Davis Macintyre & Associates Ltd. is seeking archaeological field technicians and supervisors for the summer of 2020 for a project in Yarmouth County. The project is anticipated to last a minimum of two weeks and shall include a detailed field survey including identifying and recording both surface artifacts and elevated potential areas suitable for archaeological shovel testing. The project has an anticipated start date of mid-July, dependant on external logistics and scheduling. COVID-19 restrictions may also affect scheduling. Positions: Archaeological Field Technician

  • Conduct field survey over difficult terrain in remote location, while carrying equipment
  • Site mapping and surface collection of identified sites
  • Shovel testing
Archaeological Field Supervisor
  • Supervise field crews conducting survey, site mapping, and surface collection
  • Documentation of field activities
  • Supervise trainees working on the project
  • Coordinate with Field Manager and provide daily and weekly updates.
  • May be opportunities to conduct artifact processing and work aspects of the report
Key Qualifications:
  • Successful candidates must demonstrate willingness to travel (including overnight stays) within Nova Scotia Monday to Friday, and to efficiently complete physically demanding work outdoors in all weather during the summer months, which could include shovelling, trowelling, sifting, and carrying equipment onto and off of the work site over rough terrain, as well as hiking long distances (sometimes while carrying heavy field equipment).
  • Ability to recognize and identify lithic tools and other artifacts related to the Mi’kmaq and their ancestors
  • Supervisors must demonstrate proficiency in recording of field notes, photographs and other documentation required for reporting. They must also have past supervisor experience and experience conducting field survey, as well as experience in site mapping.
  • Ability to work well within a team setting and work independently in small groups
  • Attention to detail
  • A Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, archaeology, or a related discipline is preferred, but not strictly required. Familiarity with archaeological mapping, GIS, or GNSS technology is considered an asset.
Transportation to worksites is provided from Halifax/Dartmouth, though current travel restrictions may require that workers provide their own transportation, for which they will be reimbursed. Some transportation to and from site over water may be required. During overnight stays, accommodations and a per diem for all meals are also provided. As a small firm, we offer a positive working environment, on-the-job training for new or specialized skills if required, and competitive wages. Davis MacIntyre & Associates Limited is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. Successful applicants will be selected based on previous experience, education, commitment to DMA’s overall core values, and demonstrated organizational skills.   To learn more about our company, click here. Please send resumes and cover letters to to apply.

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