NS Works Employer Engagement Specialists helping businesses make connections

Kirk Starratt
Published on March 26, 2017

KENTVILLE, NS – Think of them as not-for-profit problem solvers helping connect employers with the tools they need to succeed.

 You’re sort of like a bridge or connector between all businesses, the employers to the employees and to resources and funding. 

– Elizabeth Tufts

Nova Scotia Works employer engagement specialists (EES’s) are working to help the economy by simplifying and streamlining access to services through a single point of contact for employers. The services they offer are free of charge.

EES’s such as Lynn Silver, Deb Kendall and Elizabeth Tufts work out of Nova Scotia Works Centres, helping employers looking to hire, access training programs or funding sources. They help streamline processes and make it easier for employers to meet their needs.

The ESS’s are one component of the Nova Scotia Works program, a government initiative that aims to bring consistency or standardization to employment services offered across the province through a team effort.

“You’re sort of like a bridge or connector between all businesses, the employers to the employees and to resources and funding,” said Tufts, who works out of the Avon Region Community Development Association offices in Windsor.

Tufts said they’re working to help educate employers. It’s important to promote the services offered by EES’s so that businesses are aware and can make the best use of them.

Nova Scotia Works Employer Engagement Specialist Lynn Silver is reaching out to help employers find the services they need.Kirk Starratt

Silver works out of the Nova Scotia Works Centre in Kentville, which houses organizations such as the Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association (VANSDA), Community Inc. and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

She said there are a lot of programs and services available to assist businesses but accessing these might seem somewhat daunting to employers.

Silver said the economy and job markets are ever-evolving and EES’s serve as a reference or resource to employers. Part of their role is to help identify needs and concerns of various businesses.

“There’s a lot that we do not do, but chances are we can connect you with who offers it,” Silver said.

Kendall, who works out of PeopleWorx offices in Coldbrook, Middleton and Annapolis Royal, said they’d do leg work for employers and help them access the services they need.

“The hiring process is a timely thing. If we can help them through that process, it makes it much easier for them. They’re getting someone much quicker than they probably would be able to on their own,” Kendall said. The flip side is that people looking for employment are able to find jobs quicker.

She said various application processes could be overwhelming to employers. Many businesses are created around a specific product or service and that’s where the expertise lies. Kendall said EES’s could help take employers through the steps and offer clarification.

She said the EES’s work as a team, sharing best practices and sometimes referring clients to each other. They facilitate meetings among various stakeholder organizations offering employment-related services.

“The end product is that businesses get what they need, regardless of what territory they’re from,” Kendall said.

Did you know?

–       For more information or a list of Nova Scotia Works employment centres, visit

–       Employer engagement specialist Deb Kendall can be reached by phone at 902-599-0090 or by email at

–       Employer engagement specialist Elizabeth Tufts can be reached by phone at 902-798-6645 or by email at

–       Employer engagement specialist Lynn Silver can be reached by phone at 902-678-7410 or by email at