Overcoming History


Overcoming History

The Impact of Race on Building Cultural Competency and a Welcoming Workplace

Overcoming History is an immersive workshop experience used to assist all participants (from business, government and more) identify, combat and change the influence race and racism has in employment hiring, retention practices and efforts to engage all community members. The program is intended to create awareness of the benefits of a welcoming workplace for all involved.

Course Benefits

How does Overcoming History work?

The program takes participants on a personal journey of examination, awareness and planning towards the recognition that we only limit ourselves by not advancing the welcoming workplace model for all.

Program goals include:

  • Providing a historical benchmark for how bias influence has developed and been maintained
  • Fostering participant introspective on personal views and beliefs
  • Facilitating open and safe conversation about race and racism
  • Assisting in identifying the impact of race when interacting with visible minorities
  • Challenging participants to look for opportunities to create and maintain change
  • Providing organizations, the means to evaluate their progress
  • Providing the opportunity to include staff in designing strategies to achieve organizational goals

What Do Participants Think?

“In my last 10 years of training this has been the most comprehensive, educational and engaging session I have ever had! Highly recommended for public servants, educators, health professionals, correctional staff, RCMP staff and others working with any area of the public!”
– Elizabeth C., Human Resources Professional

“Made me recognize how privilege benefits me every day”
– Scott R., Employment Services Professional

The Cultural Competency Workshop challenged me on a very personal level to explore perspectives, often in an uncomfortable setting, which ultimately helped to positively increase my overall cultural awareness
Anonymous, Employment Services Professional

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