Program Description

The workshop provides training in the meaning, value and demands of employment equity and in the development of positive attitudes toward a diverse workforce. Transition to Employment (TtEE) aims to provide organization leaders with immersive instruction, training, and supports to promote skill development for integrated and competitive workplaces.

Workshop Goals and Objectives

1.       To provide instruction, training, and support for participants to develop abilities, skills, and behaviors that will enable them to fully realize their organization aspirations including supporting the transition into a more inclusive employment setting.

2.       To develop opportunities for the organization to engage in initiatives necessary to develop talent pipelines.

3.       To assist the organization in developing positive work environments, attitudes, skills, and workplace etiquette.

4.       Personalized / group training intended to help the participant achieve the employment-related outcomes of their organization.

5.       Provide instruction for the participant in a curriculum that shall include instruction in critical employment-related skill areas.

Outcomes & Strategies

Participants taking part in this workshop are expected to gain and demonstrate the awareness necessary to be an Equity Champion upon completion. Participants will be able to train, develop and assess the employment-related skills identified as necessary in the organization’s objectives.

1.       Effective transition to employment equity practices;

2.       Career and vocational assessment training for staffs;

3.       Approaches for identifying staff interests and preferences;

4.       Job retention skills identified as essential for successful employment;

5.       Methods for providing work-based skill development;

6.       Linking workplace training content to employment-related outcomes;

7.       Strategies for increasing knowledge of employees and the organization about transition to employment-equity related issues.

8.       Engagement: Preparation, Implementation, Monitoring.

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