“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” Angela Y. Davis

While the three training programs are offered independently, they collectively make up the VANSDA Racial Equity Training Program.

The Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association continues to work to wards achieving racial equity and advance opportunities for all. The Racial Equity Training Program is designed for organizations, groups and institutions that are:

  • Making a commitment to achieving racial equity;
  • Working in partnership with others.
  • Determined to eliminate barriers to equitable communities and workplaces.

Overcoming History

The Impact of Race on Building Cultural Competency- focuses on interpersonal relations and the understanding of how unconscious bias shapes our relationships at work and at home.

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Transition 2 Employment Equity

Focuses upon how to recognize, challenge and change organizational culture.

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Implement Equity Course

Pathway to Implement Equity

Through this workshop participants will learn how racial equity tools are designed to integrate explicit  consideration of racial equity in decisions, including policies, practices, programs and budgets.

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For all programs above participants will receive a completion certificate.

30 Day Racial Equity Challenge Square

30 Day Racial Equity Challenge

VANSDA is pleased to introduce our Racial Equity Challenge in response to numerous requests by business community and public to help begin and guide their efforts to attain greater awareness of the inequities BIPOC (Black- Indigenous- Persons of Colour) persons have endured for generations as the active result of racial privilege.

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