Portia White: MomentoUS!


The first Black Canadian concert singer to win international acclaim, began in her church choir at age six. Later determined to become a professional singer walked 10 miles a week for music lessons. Making her formal debut at age 30 at Toronto’s Eaton Auditorium on 7 November 1941. Reviews said White had a “coloured and beautifully shaded contralto… It is a natural voice, a gift from heaven.” Her final public performance took place in July 1967 in Ottawa.
White was named a “person of national historic significance” by the Government of Canada (1995).


The ‘Legacy Series Coffee’ is a unique specialty coffee and provides innovative educational awareness of African Canadian/ Nova Scotian history. In partnership with Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op (Canada’s 1st Fair Trade Roaster), the packaging features labels promoting historic persons of African descent, important to not only Nova Scotia but also Canada. Highlighted are William Hall VC: VictoriUS!, Rose Fortune: IndustrioUS!, Marcus Garvey: AmbitioUS! and Portia White: MomentoUS! This product is part of VANSDA’s anti- racism and education commitment. Our aim is to decrease the impact of racism endured by persons by bringing history into homes and offices one cup at a time.

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