Rose Fortune: IndustrioUS!


Rose Fortune (1774- 1864)

Born into slavery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 13, 1774. Relocating to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, as part of the Black Loyalist migration in 1783, she became a successful businesswoman and the first female police officer in Canada. In 1825, starting her own business, carting luggage between the docks and nearby homes and hotels she was entrusted with safeguarding property and maintaining order on the wharves and warehouses of Annapolis Royal, becoming the town’s waterfront police officer.


The ‘Legacy Series Coffee’ is a unique specialty coffee and provides innovative educational awareness of African Canadian/ Nova Scotian history. In partnership with Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op (Canada’s 1st Fair Trade Roaster), the packaging features labels promoting historic persons of African descent, important to not only Nova Scotia but also Canada. Highlighted are William Hall VC: VictoriUS!, Rose Fortune: IndustrioUS!, Marcus Garvey: AmbitioUS! and Portia White: MomentoUS! This product is part of VANSDA’s anti- racism and education commitment. Our aim is to decrease the impact of racism endured by persons by bringing history into homes and offices one cup at a time.

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